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Ligno pattern competition

Our annual Naef pattern competition in this year with Ligno by Peter Schmid.

Aim / Goal:
To come up with a creative and innovative combination for the Naef Spiele AG Cella that has not yet been created. Click here to view existing combinations of Ligno. Public combinations
Restrictions /Regulations:
  • Must use only one original Naef Spiele AG Ligno
  • Maybe constructed on a non slip surface
  • You do not have to use all of the pieces
  • Must be on a horizontal plane and arranged in a stable position. Use any glue, tape, or any other outside material is prohibited.
  • Heiko Hillig ( Designer / Product Management of Naef Spiele AG Switzerland)
  • Jeffrey Ryan (Naef USA)
  • Tomohiro KAKITA (Owner of Hyakuchomori)
  • Yasuo AIZAWA (Designer of Vivo etc. from Hyakuchomori)
Selection Criteria:
Winning selections will be based on the following criteria:
  • The beauty of the composition
  • How new and creative is the composition
  • 1st prize: 1 Naef Spiele AG Persona
  • 2nd prize: 1 Naef Spiele AG Fluctus
  • 3rd prize: 1 Naef Spiele AG Spiral
  • All participants will receive a beautifully designed keepsake brochure from the 2011 Ligno competition.
  • All submissions will be compiled into an album for public viewing.
Post marked no later than May 31st 2011
The contest winners will be featured in:
  • Hyakuchomori Bulletin 2011-8
  • Under in September 2011
Submission Information:
Photos of the configuration should be submitted by mail
  • Four of the same photo
  • Please attach one of the submission forms found here: (applicationform.pdf:PDF61KB) to the back of one of the four photos
  • Maximum of 2 submissions per participant
  • Photo size should be 9cm X 13cm
If you have any questions please contact by e-mail:
Hyakuchomori : children's books and toy store
Mr. Takayuki SASAKI
Contest Location:
Hyakuchomori Co.,Ltd.
Please send to:
Hyakuchomori Co.,Ltd.
Windridge Takajo 1F, Takajo 1-14-12, Aoi-ku
420-0829 Shizuoka
Hosted by :
Hyakuchomori Co.,Ltd.
Windridge Takajo 1F, Takajo 1-14-12, Aoi-ku
420-0829 Shizuoka